Now we are in Lockdown 3 for the foreseeable future, LX has cancelled the Intra Club Day on 24th Jan and the 60 and 65s gatherings on 7 Feb. Whilst we will keep the fixtures with Wales on 21st Feb and the Intra-Club Day on the 25th Feb under review, it is very likely that there will be an impact for both. Therefore, we ask members to keep an eye on the fixture list over the coming weeks.

The main aim of the Lockdown is to restrict the transmission of Covid. Reports from some members who have contracted the virus confirm the long-lasting respiratory effects they are experiencing. In the meantime, we hope members are keeping safe and finding opportunities to remain active.

There is continued optimism that the measures in place and the vaccine will have the intended effect so that we may have greater confidence about returning to hockey safely by March.

Covid Team

5 Jan 21