URGENT ACTION: England Hockey ‘Return to Play’ Survey


Following the announcement by the government that some form of recreational sports will be allowed after 28th March LX have been waiting for England Hockey (EH) to make their announcement regarding how we should get back to playing hockey as they did following the first lockdown.

We know that EH is in discussion with the Department for Culture, Media & Sports (DCMS) to gain government approval for the guidance EH intends to provide. However, as yet, no final decisions have been made and now EH is asking the hockey community to provide their own views on returning to hockey through a survey.  Unfortunately, this is likely to slow the EH/DCMS decision making process.

The link to the ‘Return to Play’ survey and some further detail was sent out via an EH Newsletter e-mail that was forwarded to members by the Club Captain, Richard Slator, on 5 March at 10.28.  It is not on the EH website (not yet anyway).  

Alternatively, the survey can be accessed through this link:

Click here for the Return to Play Survey

The survey is very straightforward to complete and should take no longer than 10 minutes at the most.  At the question that asks for your club, you can enter LX and then select ‘The LX Club’ from the 2 listed options (the other is LX Ladies!).  Note that the survey is anonymous so you could complete on behalf of LX and your own local club if you wanted to.

The Club would urge you to complete the survey, if you have not already done so, as we are sure that the more positive (assuming that you do want to get back to playing) responses that are received the greater the pressure on EH to provide the guidance that is needed.

Thank you