LX Guidance for Returning to Hockey from 29 March

Following discussions around the latest guidance from EH for a return to hockey, including consultation with EH, The LX Covid team have issued the following guidance for LX Members, in place at least until 12 April or unless any further direction is forthcoming from EH:

LX is open for business from 29th March.  Members will be asked to consider their journey times to LX hockey events so that they meet the spirit of returning to outdoor sport and the community considerations of easing with care from lockdown restrictions. 

All upcoming LX activities fall within the definitions of intra club or friendly matches outlined by EH ‘Getting Back on the Pitch Step 4 (V 3.0)’ and so may take place. In terms of distance to travel, because of the nationwide catchment of members, LX considers it reasonable that players living within the region of an activity or, if outside the region, within approximately one hours travel, should feel comfortable attending that activity, provided players meet all existing Covid-19 requirements as published on the LX Website. We specifically draw your attention to a need to travel alone or within a family or support bubble. This guidance will be reviewed alongside any further information from the Government or EH. 

The LX Covid-19 Team