Eggs 1 Chicks 2

Bunnies 2 Lambs 1

Eggs 2 Lambs 1

Bunnies 0 Chicks 0


It was very noticeable even before the games started those who had made use of the time over the last months to improve their fitness and those who had made use of a break, but as soon as the whistle went it was business as usual, our first game was against Chicks, they had a very fit and fast midfield, it was end to end stuff, both sides missing opportunities that they would have taken in a normal season, Chicks scored first with eggs pulling back with a short corner strike by Mackie, both teams were pushing for the win with chicks scoring in the last minute from a short corner themselves.

In the second game against Lambs it was a more open game with both teams making mistakes in the oppositions half, eggs scored first with a very well taken goal by Brian Stokes from a pass by Andy Bland, who had gone down the right hand touchline to come along the back line before passing to Brian on the top of the D, with very little time Brian controlled the ball and shot into the far corner. In the final quarter both sides were getting tired and making mistakes but continued to give everything on the pitch. Lambs scored a deserved goal before Fraser Black managed to put the eggs in front again with very little time left.

A great day again was had by all, long may events like this carry on all around the country allowing us all to play competitive hockey against friends

Ian Mackie


What a good day to get back to some sort of on the pitch action. We may be dealing with Covid 19 at the moment, but you will never catch TB. (Tim Brothers I mean) star of the 2-1 win against Eggs. Who said who came first chicken or egg? Well today it was the Chicks, a good game all round.

Next up it was the Bunnies, less hop more middle of the park engages than goalmouth action. Chick’s defended a couple of short corners so did the bunnies, over all a fair result 0-0.

Great to see so many taking part.

Andy Cox


Bunnies were undefeated as they fought both testing opposition and some large Covid bellies!

Bunnies, ably led by Mike Leatt, slaughtered the Lambs in the first game going 2-0 up with great team goals from both Peter Cowan and John Smith. Lambs came back with a late goal as Bunnies tired and dreams of the Orange segment at the break took hold! Second game against the much Younger and dynamic chicks was much tougher but wise heads and tactics of slowing the pace of the game down meant the Chicks were held to a creditable 0-0 draw despite both teams having created good chances. All credit to Bruce Brassington in goal and the very capable defence.

Ian Knox


It all started badly for the Lambs I thought as Mike Leatt gave out blatant bribes to the umpires in the form of yummy looking chocolate Easter Bunnies, Chicks and Eggs but nothing from the Lambs.  We’re going to be in trouble I immediately thought and so it proved in the first game.  I had warned the Lambs that Mr Rust would probably make a major contribution.  And how right I proved – there was a noticeable russet fog wherever I went on the pitch.  Bunnies, clearly fortified by the knowledge that the umpires had had a bribe from them and not from us put together some quick counter attacks when our midfield we caught struggling to get back quickly (rust?) and we lost.

In the second game, with the memory and perhaps the taste of their huge chocolate Easter EGGS fading for the umpires, things were just as even, fast, skillful, composed and wide as in the first game and we equalised with the Eggs with a powerful, waist-high net busting shot from David Holgate.  He looked as surprised as everybody else on the pitch.

What a wonderful return to LX hockey. What fun, what friendship, what skill and surprising fitness. It’s what over 60s hockey is all about.  What organisation!  Many thanks, Mike Harris, Colin Pinks, Mike Leatt.  More please?

Mike Tucker

I must add our thanks to umpires Ashley James, Anthony Bridge and Gordon Plummer, to the captains Ian Mackie, Steve Mumford, Mike Leatt and Mike Tucker and to all the players whose donations in lieu of match fees raised a sum of £292 for the LX charity MND Association.

Mike Harris Match Manager