To All Members 

Because of Covid, 2021 is a ‘fallow year’ for officially sanctioned international competition for age groups. Nevertheless, the age group annotated matches and gatherings in the 2021 LX calendar have either been retained in the fixture programme or further developed to provide good and plentiful opportunities to play. 

No formal selections will be taking place on 2021 and so, age group specific activities should be seen as an opportunity to recover from lockdown and have some fun in a competitive atmosphere. It is important to have age group activities to make sure, as far as possible, that these events are well balanced and foster greater integration in those groups. Of course it does players no harm to play well! 

There will be a formal selection process for 2022 that will commence with trials in the early part of the year. However, the ‘fallow period’ does give LX the opportunity to encourage members who may wish to captain or manage a ‘representative side’ in 2022 to contact the Chair of Selectors and then have an opportunity to run a side in one of the many age group events. 

Please note, for Over 60’s events, read Under 65 which enables members soon to be Over 60’s to participate.

We hope this clarifies the position for everyone. 

Mike Leatt

Chair of Selectors, for Selection Committee