Southgate HC, London

The trilogy that is LX O70’s v Pistons is destined to outlive The Lord of the Rings!

Started in 2016 by club stalwart, Vice President and raconteur, Brian Woolcott, this was the second episode in its sixth series.

Always an enjoyable evening, once you have overcome the traffic, this was to be no exception.

Two evenly balanced sides gradually sorted themselves out , like a jig saw puzzle that hasn’t seen the light of day for a while. Resplendent in their 2nd kit of all white with blue socks, the angels of the LX stood up well to the early intimidation of the baddies in red and black.

Bill Greenwood wasn’t impressed by (or didn’t hear) whatever Adrian Stephenson or Martin Kavanagh said to him whenever they dared to foray into his D and Nigel Dixon, inspired by the adage – if it moves kick it and if it doesn’t move, kick it until it does, ensured nothing and nobody was going to go past him either.

Mick Cocks, complete it seemed with a new set of batteries, was doing a sterling job in midfield. Pete Newnham was displaying all the artistry of a full back and Graham Colombe looked a winger on the wild side with his locks blowing in the breeze as he whistled past startled defenders.

With Sniffer Glading up front, the flying Woolcott on the wing supported wide in midfield by David Bite yer legs Holgate and Chris the 6 million dollar man Thornhill, it made for a relaxing evening for the Club’s visiting Chairman, Trevor Denison. Oh…. and your reporter.

As the match progressed and the growing crowd became more tense, both sides had their chances without ever managing to make those key moments count.

The LX were a fit bunch, but with no substitutes were nevertheless grateful for a breather and a gulp of ovaltine at half time. Some wise words were spoken at half time, though nobody can remember what they were and the 11 intrepid warriors took to the field for the second half .

Halfway through the second half one of the Pistons misfired and the ball reached a teammate, camouflaged by the setting sun, lurking near the far post. 1-0 to the Pistons!

Inspired by this travesty, the LX cavalry raised their game and with the smell of shepherds pie wafting across the pitch, the afore mentioned David Holgate ensured his place in LX folklore by smashing home an excellent volley before Cliff (Sparky) Peck in the Pistons goal could register a shock.

There was just time for a few more exchanges before matron called time and we all retired for a medicinal drink and supper in the club house.

With thanks to the umpires, our genial hosts at Pistons and the irrepressible organiser, Brian Woolcott, we look forward to the next instalment.

Apologies for no photograph, but we’d all forgotten where we put the camera!

LX team: Nigel Dixon, Pete Newnham, Bill Greenwood, Roger Girling, Trevor Denison, Chris Thornhill, Mick Cocks, David Holgate, Brian Woolcott, Peter Glading, Graham Colombe.

Your unbiased reporter: Roger Girling