LX o70 v Pistons 12th August 2021 at Southgate HC

The last of the famed summer trilogy of LX v Pistons fixtures was played in the dying August sunshine, shafting, blindingly into our faces in the last two quarters. Coupled with a cloud covered first half, this seemed hardly fair but we blinkered on regardless.

While this didn’t account for the first goal against us in the opening quarter, it certainly did in the third and fourth, when they scored two more. That is not to say that the LX squad of 14 were, in any way, daunted by this as we contained a much younger, stronger and prettier opposition with almost effortless ease for the opening quarter.

It’s true that we lost our shape a bit in Q2 and were 2-0 down until Chris Thornhill cut through from right centre midfield and, shrugging off distinctly physical attempts at a mugging, slammed a cracker into the backboards closing the gap to 2-1 down in Q3.

Having 14 players was useful early on as M25 traffic took its toll but so many substitutions makes for uncertain cohesion and our passing had seen better days. Even so, that goal really lifted us and the excellent supper of Shepherds Pie afterwards eased the pain of a 3-1 defeat.

My thanks to all the squad for making, for some, a lengthy journey in heavy traffic from Hove, to Lowestoft (why?), and the West and South Midlands – bless you all.

Trevor Denison, Peter Newnham, David Holgate, Bill Greewood, Graham Colombe, Chris Thornhill, Roger Girling, Chris Parker, John Ingram-Marriott, Blake C, Brian Woolcott(Capt). Special thanks to Nigel Dixon, who is always willing to umpire, often missing his term in goal as a result.

Brian Woolcott