LX 65s at Dundee

Arriving in Dundee expecting torrential rain, we were pleasantly surprised to find the sun shining and all the squad arrived on time!

The first game was against Warriers which we learnt was the Scottish squad practicing for the Celtic cup. An experimental 3-2-3-2 system was played to try and ensure that , when we pushed forward , there was not a gap between midfield and defence. This worked well with Robin Conway and Ian Knox both supporting the attack and giving protection to the defence. Keeping this shape clearly frustrated the Scots and the solid defence of Stones, Forrest, Paramjit, Bain and Ward ensured that we kept a clean sheet whilst scoring 2 goals. Both goals were scored by Robin. The first came from a strike at the top of the D and the second a follow up from a Forrest short corner. There was great closing down of the Scots trying to work the ball out of defence by King and Hall with Neeve, Ahmed and Reid always pushing forward in support.

A team bonding session was held on Friday night for which many thanks to Jan for organising this. Robin’s goal scoring feats became more embellished the longer the night went on!

Saturday morning saw us taking on Thistles 65s and the addition of John Housham to the squad. Steve Crute opened the scoring with a reverse stick shot into the bottom corner and further goals were added by Hall and Forrest although Thistles scored a consolation goal after a defensive misunderstanding. A 3-1 win. The second game against Thistles 60s proved to be somewhat frustrating. Robin, yet again, scored with a follow up from a short corner but Thistles later equalised. We found it difficult to cope with our opponent’s more robust style of festival hockey and , despite searching for the equaliser, had to settle for the 1-1 draw.

Determined not to play Sunday morning hangover hockey , Nick King scored an early goal making the most of hesitancy in the Dundee defence. Although Dundee had some promising attacks, we went on to win 4-1 ,reasonably comfortably.

Thanks to Martin Ferrett and Andy Cox for playing in goal for us as well as their own squads, Keith Richardson and Graham Stuart for running the bench and Tony Neeve and Jan Ahmed for their support as vice captains.

A thoroughly enjoyable tournament in a lovely city ( where the sun shines) with a great squad of players , both on and off the pitch. We look forward to next year!