Arthur Barber Memorial Day at Woking H.C. Saturday 18th September

Arthur Barber, who had sadly passed away earlier in the year, had been a member of LX since 1997 and subsequently a V.P.

Teams from the clubs he had belonged to (Ancient Britons, LX, Warlocks and his “home” club – Woking) were invited to a Memorial Day in honour of Arthur.

The Memorial Day was a round robin tournament using both of the available pitches.  Each game was 30 minutes long, one way only with a 2 minute rehydration break at 15 mins,  this provided 90 minutes of hockey to each side with half hour breaks in between to allow for pitch transfer, plus rest breaks. 

LX only had a squad of 11, 9 LX’ers and 2 guests, but that was enough (and made “subs” easy!).

The playing schedule was as follows:

Pitch 1 (NEAR) 1pm – Woking v Warlocks Pitch 2 (FAR) 1 pm – Ancient Britons v LX

Pitch 1 (NEAR) 2pm – LX v Woking Pitch 2 (FAR) 2pm –Ancient Britons v Warlocks

Pitch 1 (NEAR) 3 pm – Woking v Ancient Britons Pitch 2 (FAR) 3 pm – LX v Warlocks

Fortunately a gate between the pitches was kept unlocked thus saving time between games as we had to swap pitches.  This was extremely useful as we started the first match 15mins late, whilst waiting for the AB GK and 11th player to arrive on the pitch having been delayed on their journey, and giving some rest time before the next match.

In the first match, against Ancient Britons, LX playing a 4-4-2 formation had most of the ball possession and played the majority of the match in the opponent half.  However despite several attempts the resulting shots on the opponents goal were always just wide (maybe should have gone for 4-3-3 instead to give extra firepower to the Fwds). AB’s however fought back valiantly had one breakaway chance but a great save by GK Ian Burnham thwarted them and the resulting rebound was put wide by the attacking fwd, so the match ended in 0-0 draw.

For next match v Woking, the formation was to 4.3.3, this again resulted in  70% of the game being played in the opponents  half, but with the extra forward more pressure was exerted on the opponents goal and a scrappy melee in the goalmouth resulted in Gordon Small putting the ball into the net.

The 3rd match v Warlocks/Puritans was always going to be the difficult one against slightly younger opposition so a slight change was made to the line-up formation. This resulted in fairly even game with chances at both ends – however neither team were able to break the deadlock and so the final result was another  0-0 draw.

Warlocks/Puritans had already beaten Woking 3-0 and ABs 4-0 so were overall winners.

An enjoyable day with good weather, played in good spirits followed by an enjoyable and social meal in the clubhouse with a few words from each team representative about Arthur at the presentation