Result: Wales 70s 4 LX 70s 0

LX have had a good record in recent years in the regular matches against Wales, and started the game confidently, on the front foot and with good control in midfield in the first quarter, but conceded the first goal from a swift Welsh breakaway just near the end of the quarter.

The Welsh took heart from that goal, and dominated the second quarter.  They were now showing the benefits of playing together recently, when they won the Celtic Cup.  At this time, the imbalance in the LX squad showed; unfortunately, we were lacking players who regularly played as forwards.  Another Welsh goal gave a half time score of 2-0.

The third quarter produced a response from LX, but a good chance was missed, and the Welsh immediately broke and scored a third goal.  The 4th quarter produced a 4th goal, to complete the symmetry.

A large squad of 16 members meant regular substitutions: 7 players shared the defensive duties, Alan Harling, Keith Hindley, Paul Baker, Andy Hogg, Mark Watson, Sukhdev Gill and Dave Sandhu, with John Ingram-Marriott in goal.  The midfield of Brian Stokes, Des Legg, Peter Duckhouse, Richard Slator, David Holgate and Peter Newnham worked hard to contain a skilfull Welsh midfield.  This left John Tripp and Paul Rawson playing the forward role who were replaced by Des and Richard when they took their turn off.

The glorious sunny afternoon was concluded with drinks, sandwiches and chips in and outside the bar by the pitch.