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LX Intra Club 

17 November at Wakefield

Blue team report

Red 1 : Blue 1

The Blue team started with a ‘friendly’ push back to the Reds on the Wakefield blue pitch under blue skies. 

Possession regained by our defence and some good play ensued with Stuart Forrest, passing to Ian Clancy and up the right wing to Paul Bateson, on down the line to Tom Heyes near the D but he was dispossessed before any shot was possible. Red then attacked but halted in midfield by Simon Nightingale, only for Red to press another attack with a weak shot cleared by Mick Huggon in goal; but alas, a short corner was conceded by Ian Clancy. 

Red injected to top of the D, played back to the injector to attempt to sweep in but this was foiled by some excellent goal keeping by Huggy. Ball out quickly from the back to Paul in the right midfield spot, carried over the halfway line then a long pass to Tom that was a little too fierce to control. 

Reds attacked again but the  ball goes behind for defence restart. Good aerial from 16 by Stuart to Paul but he was unable to bring it down successfully so Red attacked again, dispossessed and Blue attacked – back and forth, back & forth. 

In the second half Blue started to find their shape and some good midfield interplay with Simon breaking through to the 23 but pass to Paul at top of the D was a little too strong, followed by another attack spearheaded by Nick Rudgard to the top of the D but stopped by the Reds defence. Yet another Red attack foiled, and ball played out through midfield wide to Paul taken into the D and shot from narrow angle to hit side-board just wrong side of the post. 

Back down the other end again and Martyn Ward made excellent tackle at top of our D. Another flowing attack from the Reds foiled by a good save and kick by Huggy followed by some great interplay in midfield which resulted in some great penetration into the D and at last a goal picked up by ‘Headless’ (Simon) on the far post. 

Although Blues dominated possession after the goal what followed was attack and counterattack by both sides culminating in the Reds squeezing a ball across the face of our goal that Huggy only succeeded in mis-kicking the ball to a Red player, Owen Carr, who was able to slot it in the net to and score a few minutes before full time. 

Final score was 1 – 1 and probably reflected the balanced standard of both teams.

Blue 0 : White 0

The Blue team were back on the blue pitch again after just a 5 minute break so nicely warmed up and ready for the fray and the White team led by Keith Richardson. Blue started the match with the usual ‘friendly’ pass back to the opposition and they started to press their attack. 

Once the Whites were dispossessed the Blue team started to dominate the first quarter but despite this pressure were unable to score from their attacking play. The White team slowly started to settle, and it was game on with a lot of ‘end to end’ hockey punctuated with some good build up play by both teams. 

Pressure from the White team on one attack led to a short corner which was stopped on the line by the Red team defence – but unfortunately by a foot! A penalty flick was awarded, and Dave Lancaster stepped up to the spot. Huggy made himself as big as possible – no mean feat for such as small fella – and, Dave, in his attempt to keep the ball well clear of Huggy’s nimble leap, pinged the ball of the right hand post. Phew! That about summed up the game with some more near, but not quite taken chances, at both ends and as our Red team began to tire, we managed to hold back the Whites and the game petered out to a goal-less draw.

In conclusion, thank you to all the players who turned up on the day, to those that umpired, and to the captains of the Red, White, and Blue teams for herding their respective squads into shape and for collecting in the match fees and tea money which resulted in a surplus of £130.00 that was donated to MNDA. A very special thank you MUST also go to Chris Randall for organising this excellent Intra-Club event, and to Irene for the post-match 2-course meal of lasagne and jam sponge with custard – a magnificent repast to finish off the day. 

Reporter Paul Bateson

White Team Report

Blue 0 : White 0

Keith has kindly delegated the White Team match report for today – so here it is!

The second match of the day’s trilogy saw Keith Richardson lead out Team White onto the blue pitch in the low autumn sunshine to take on Team Blue. End to end stuff followed, with appropriate levels of build-up play in between and Team White warming to the occasion as the match wore on.

Lots of hard work in midfield from Mark Killoway and Andy Bradbury in particular and tenacious defending from Keith, David Ewing and Barry Jackson, while up front there was penetrating runs from centre forward Shih Foo and calm control from Brian Woolcott on the wing.  

In a game of few clear goal scoring chances, the best opportunity fell to Dave Lancaster, following a short corner shot which resulted in a blue foot on the line and a penalty flick. Unfortunately the ping of the ball on the post rang clear for all to hear, indicating a powerful flick but no goal. Notwithstanding plenty of effort from both teams the game finished without a goal. A great clean sheet from Peter McCollum, the White’s keeper. 

White 3 : Red 1

So, straight onto the green pitch, following a heavy watering – just long enough to get slightly chilly with the sun disappearing behind the clouds, to take on Team Red. Again Team White took a while to warm up, but the pressure built up and was eventually rewarded with a penalty flick for some very clumsy defending by Martin Ferret, the blue keeper, that would probably have received a card in a tournament game. This time Mark Gibbon took control of the moment and slammed the flick high and to the keeper’s right for the first goal. 

More pressure in the second half from Team White, the ball bounced up in the D and was skilfully volleyed into the Blue’s net – only to be rightly disallowed by umpire Housham. Disappointing nonetheless, for the writer. 

Minutes later, a cracking diagonal cross fired in at pace by Peter Willis was deflected to Nic Crocker, who guided it past the keeper from fully 3 yards out – to everyone’s surprise. The Reds were gutted to find themselves undone by the itinerant centre back! 

A sense of urgency from the Reds resulted in them scrambling a goal back. Only for Dave Lancaster to restore the White’s margin with some excellent finishing shortly afterwards. 3 : 1 to Whites and bragging rights for the day were secured!

………. Some of the facts may have been changed unintentionally. 

Thanks to Chris Randall for organising a slick event and to Mrs R for superb catering.

Reporter Nic Crocker

Red Team Report

Red 1 : Blue 1

The Red Team (Team Stackhouse) started the triangular with a match against the Blues (Team Bateson). Both teams played some nice hockey with Jan Ahmed, Steve Seymour  and John Stackhouse moving the ball well through midfield for the Reds while Martin Wright and Nick Rudgard did the same for the Blues. 

It seemed to the Reds that they must score through the probing runs of Nick King and Owen Carr but those attacks were thwarted by the Blue defence marshalled by Stuart Forrest. For the Reds, Nigel Baker-Brian and John Ridings restricted the opportunities for the Blues to get into the circle. Despite this it was the Blues who struck first with Headless (aka Simon Nightingale) popping up in the D to put the ball past Martin Ferrett. The Reds increased the ferocity of their attacks to get back on even terms but Huggy in goal seemed impregnable. Then in the dying minutes of the game Owen Carr slotted home on the left hand post to make the score 1 – 1.  

Team Red 0 : Team White 3

The second game against Whites ( Team Richardson) seemed to go much the same way – with some lovely mid-field work unable to result in scoring chances and the Prof in imperious form in goal for the Whites. 

Despite the good hockey being played by the Reds they again found themselves one down when Mark Gibbon converted a penalty flick (awarded for a NFL style block by Martin Ferrett to prevent being passed!). The Reds were confident their good play could get them back on terms but this confidence was misplaced when Nic Crocker, staunching the nose bleed, profited from a rare miss-trap by Nigel B-B to fire in the second from close range. And David Lancaster put the Whites three up with a solo run and strong flick home just before the finish.

Some lovely passing hockey by all the teams and a good day enjoyed by all. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

Reporter Chris Randall


Martin Ferrett (GK)
Mick Huggon (GK)
Peter McCollum (GK)
Nigel Baker-Brian
Nick Rudgard
Keith Richardson (Capt.)
Chris Randall
Stuart Forrest
David Ewing
John Ridings
Martyn Ward 
Barry Jackson 
John Stackhouse (Capt.)
Ian Clancy
Nic Crocker
Peter Reid
Mike Patton
Mark Gibbon
Jahanger Ahmed
Mike Rushmere
Peter Willis
Steve Seymour
Phil Sykes
Andy Bradbury
Garry Hardwick
Martin Wright
Mark Killoway
Owen Carr
Paul Bateson (Capt.)
David Lancaster
Manu Kokri
Simon Nightingale
Shih Foo
Nick King
Tom Heyes
Brian Woolcott

Tim Ball