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 The positive feed-back from last August’s delayed tournament suggested that we would be inundated with entries this time. In the end, entries were adequate, but still disappointing. LX mustered a total of 5 players for a combined 70s and 75s squad while the Over 80s mustered a squad of 8. The unusually crowded hockey programme provided lots of (11-a-side) competition and various trials. End of season injuries didn’t help and lack / lateness of replies didn’t help. (I seem to have read about these problems elsewhere as well …).   Having started as the Over 75 Regional tournament, moving this competition to Solihull left quite a hole, but allows other groups to participate in their place.   Positives still outweighed the negatives.   Alliance joined LX Ladies in entering 3 teams (2 ladies, 1 men) and Wales 75s joined the Over 80s and LX men to provide the genuine oldies while Kettering nobly sacrificed an assortment of players to bring the number of teams up to 12, thus enabling a round robin competition, followed by play-offs. (Our ideal is to have 7 teams in each section and just play a round robin).   Thus the Ancients comprised the Over 80s, Wales 75s, 2 LX Ladies teams,  Alliance Ladies and “Kettering L5s”, while the Aspirants included Alliance men, Alliance Ladies, the LX 5 +,  LX Ladies and what were called Kettering L4s and M5s.   Each team played twice daily, 2 x 20 minute halves on a half pitch. The games were competitive and played under ideal weather conditions, leaving everyone pleasantly weary.   Scores are irrelevant (mainly because we 80+ lost all 6 games…)  Alliance Men won the Aspirants trophy and Wales reclaimed that of the Ancients from last year’s winners, LX Ladies.   In spite of the normal caterer having to pull out at 6 day’s notice, Saturday evening buffet at KHC clubhouse was a well attended social event with an excellent selection of food, at which a raffle raised over £170 for 2 local charities.    Our thanks to the volunteer umpires and the players who helped out wherever there was a need.   Date for your diaries – April 14, 15 and 16, 2023.