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EUROLEC Jacques Levy Super Veterans Tournament, Lille – 18th to 20th March

Based on previous years support from the membership the LX Club entered one team only for this tournament. However, this year there was a very good response from the playing membership in support of this tournament so two teams were entered, LX Rouge and LX Blanc.

A full programme of hockey and social activities took place, and everyone thought it was a good start to the resumption of ‘international’ fixtures. Teams from France (2 teams), Belgium, Wales, Scotland, England (2 teams), Ireland and Alliance (2 teams) attended. The ten teams were split into two pools of 5 giving 4 games followed by cross over games, a semi-final and final.

The two LX squads were selected to give balanced teams across all age ranges and were pleased to come away with a third and fifth place in the field of ten, beating France A into fourth place and only just losing out to Wales and Ireland who took first and second place.

MatchTeam 1Team 2ResultForAgainst
PoolLX BlancAlliance CavaliersDraw00
PoolLX RougeShamrocksDraw11
PoolLX BlancDragonsDraw00
PoolFrance BLX RougeWin30
PoolBelgiumLX BlancWin32
PoolLX RougeAlliance KnightsWin20
PoolLX BlancFrance ADraw00
PoolLX RougeThistlesWin10
Semi-FinalLX RougeDragonsLost1 (1)1 (3)
5th/6th Play-offFrance BLX BlancWin20
3rd/4th Play-offFrance ALX RougeWin10

Jez Allen has kindly put his name forward to ‘manage’ this event next year.

Full reports by our cub reporters, Mike Tucker for LX Rouge, and Martin Hall for LX Blanc, are being written and will be posted onto the website as soon as they are ready for publication.