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LX O75s 7 – 0 England O80s

LX set up in a 4-3-3 formation with the intention of seeing how it went and adjusting if necessary. It went very well and no adjustments were required. Forwards Peter Denley, Rod Cochrane and Jim Mason found themselves with plenty of space in which to manoeuvre and within five minutes a goal from Rod (the first of his five!) got us off to a flying start. Others to score were Peter Denley (1) and Mike Harris (1).

Mike, Nick Ruddick, David Holgate and Vince Smith provided a strong midfield platform, always looking to push up as much as possible, while Andy Hogg, Tim Feline, Brian Nicols and Frank Colwill formed a solid defence and took their opportunities to threaten down the wings.

England displayed some skilful stickwork but lacked the speed and positional movement to mount sustained attacks against younger legs.  Nevertheless, they won two short corners, both well defended by John Ingram-Marriot in goal.

Thanks to umpires Terry Duffy and Mike Mitchell for their contribution to an enjoyable game played in a good spirit, and to Worcester Hockey Club for hosting the event.

Squad: Rod Cochrane, Frank Colwill, Peter Denley, Tim Feline (Guest), Mike Harris, Andy Hogg, David Holgate (Capt.), John Ingram-Marriot (GK), Jim Mason, Brian Nicols, Nick Ruddick (Guest), Vince Smith.