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LX vs Bury St Edmunds, Sunday 1st May 2022

LX 1, Bury St Edmunds 6

Perfection is rarely repeated. This fixture last year was the first after a long Covid break and was played in glorious sunshine by two well matched teams. The result, a three-all draw, satisfied everyone and the extended lunch in the extensive garden of The Woolpack, not far down the road, was satisfying in a different sort of way. This year the weather was cloudy, the inside of The Woolpack was crowded and gloomy, and the game left the home side rather more satisfied than the visitors.

However, the score line doesn’t accurately represent each team’s share of possession, which was much closer to parity than the score suggests. It was simply that when Bury entered our circle they were likely to score, whereas our forays, including three short corners, produced only a single goal. That was scored by Graham Ramsden who surged up from midfield and placed a fierce shot just indeed the keeper’s far post. He, like the rest of our team, showed continued commitment

in spite of the home side’s increasing score and captain Peter Newnham’s sterling contribution with both stick and vocal encouragement made sure our morale didn’t sag. I can’t mention all individual contributions but Bill Wickham, who popped up all over the place, probably deserved a medal for covering more ground than anyone else on the pitch.

Author: Graham Colombé