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Report for Match on Sunday May 15th LX ‘Barcelona’ Team Over 70s Team against Chippenham Masters

LX ‘Barcelona’ Over 70s Team met at Chippenham for a practice for Barcelona, in June. Some players were unable to make the date, but their places were admirably filled with other LX members. Thank you.

Chippenham were a very strong, well drilled team with the majority being 20 years younger!! LX played hard and tried to find players in good positions to move the ball into attacking positions. Chippenham being a drilled squad managed to intercept the ball, which became frustrating for LX as they were unable to play to their strengths, using different skills and passes to practice for Barcelona.

Despite the loss the team can bring away from the game many positives. These being the way LX managed to keep pressing Chippenham, knowing against opposition of the same age group the ball would have been won and perhaps cumulating in a goal.

A very satisfying goal was created when Tim Brother’s nifty skills, passed the ball to Nick King who managed to pass two of the opposition, and scored a reserve stick goal .LX defence  were worked extremely hard, but managed several clearances under pressure. LX were disheartened by Chippenham’s continued intense play, but kept working and trying different tactics, but unfortunately Chippenham had other ideas. Jon Chong had volunteered to stand in as goalkeeper and did an admirable job despite the relentless pressure. The middle of the park worked tirelessly to link forwards and defence.

Overall, despite a disappointing match result (10-1), LX can take away many positives to use in future matches.