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WMH 2022 World Cup in Japan – LX Participation in the Spirit of Masters

In our trials at Nottingham in February there was early and enthusiastic interest for LX to participate in the Spirit of Masters at the 2022 World Cup in Tokyo.

Based on this ‘straw poll’ LX Hockey Club (England) registered its interest with WMH to participate in the Spirit of Masters at o60, o65 and o70 age groups. This was a provisional registration, and a final decision was subject to the following:

  1. Assurance of the lifting of all travel restrictions to open up the whole of Japan to tourists  before, during and after the tournament. 
  2. A balanced mix of quality teams entering from Europe, Asia, Australasia, and the Americas to ensure a viable and competitive tournament. 
  3. Sufficient registration of interest from our membership in all the respective age groups by 26th April 2022.

On 23rd March the Committee sent a flyer about the World Cup based on the facts we had at that time regarding  participants, travel, visas, entry requirements for Japan, tourist movement restrictions, accommodation, and the projected costs. We also opened up the Fixtures Registration so you could post your interest for this tournament.

Sadly, there is still a lack of clarity from the WMH as regards our provisos for entry as detailed in items 1 and 2 above and on the WMH website the only teams registered to date are:

•           Alliance           o60/o65/o70

•           England B       o60/o65

•           Japan              o60

•           South Africa    o60

The link to the WMH Events page is:

We are also aware that, although Southern Cross are provisionally looking to enter teams at o60, o65 and o70, they were still uncertain. Some nations, including Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, are not participating in the World Cup and there are also very few countries signed up for the Spirit of Masters.

In addition, formal registration of interest from our own playing membership has also been extremely low with just 3 players at o60, 6 at o65, 1 at o70 and none at o75. 

The LX Management Committee met on 27th April and in light of the above information it was agreed to advise the WMH that LX Hockey Club (England) would not be participating in the Spirit of Masters at the 2022 World Cup in Japan. The Committee has also informed other organisations with which we have close ties.

The letter advising WMH of our decision can be read by following this link: WMH 2022 World Cup Decision.pdf

Paul Bateson

Hon Secretary – LX Hockey Club