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LX Intra-Club at Old Silhillians 29 May 22

This being our first time organising an LX Intra-club day, in the end we guess it was not so different than organising any other club day, with the usual last-minute changes. We endured a last minute drop out on Saturday night, which left us with only ten players in one team. After few last minute calls we managed to persuade Kari Bhurji from Barford Tigers to make a guest appearance, making it eleven a side. Both Captains, David Lees and Sukhdev Gill were delighted they did not have to worry about making complicated substitutions!

As we had difficulty getting two umpires, in the end Sarjit Somal (Barford Tigers) and Dave umpired the game.

LX Whites and Reds

Both teams were evenly matched, thanks to Sukhdev’s detailed analysis, however the White team controlled and moved the ball around better. In the first quarter Whites had 2 Penalty Corners but were unable to convert due to Chongy’s cunning plan against German Singh, so the quarter ended 0-0.  In the second quarter, the Red team started well and finished a well worked move, with a searing shot by Steve Hewitt, which gave Harry (another last minute guest brought in by Sukhdev in goal) no chance of saving.

After half time, Whites created several chances, and from a Penalty Corner German Singh laid it off to Kari Bhurji to score from close range. A few minutes later Whites broke into the D, and Nick Kennerley finished off a very good move. Overall the Whites edged possession and created more chances and just about deserved to win 2-1.

As Old Sils were unable to provide any teas/coffees or hot food, the onus was on Dave to treat all those who made this an enjoyable day, so he provided complimentary Samosas and Spring Rolls for all, which were well received. Thanks to Dave Lees for Captaining the White team, and no doubt giving one of his famous half-time inspirational talks, leading to victory. Thanks to everyone who made the journey and trust all had an enjoyable afternoon of hockey.

Dave Sandhu

Sukhdev Gill