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Chris Thornhill, Peter Glading, Mark Cowill, Athhur Cresswell, Paul Flanagan, Brian Murrrill, (Interloper: Rod Cochrane)

Maurice (Mo) Umney, Norman Ballard, Gavin Stones, Balbir Singh (Missing: Brian Woolcott – at physio).

With a team of only 11 due to a no-show early negotations were required with Team A (who had a sqaud of 12) to secure the services of Brian Woolcott.

Match 1, Team C v Team 1 (The Barcelona o75s) W 1-0

The first match was against Team 1 (The Barcelona 075s) who were sort of a GK due to injury at a previous tournament and so Mo was “leant” to the opposition who reciporcated by loaning an out field player (Andy Holden – many thx).  However a mis-communication meant that one player was sent to the wrong pitch and so Team C started with 10.  From Defence through Midfield to the Forwards, the passing was very slick which enabled Team C to dominate with most of the game happening in the opponents half.  Team C moved the ball around the team (and the opposition) and it was only strong defending and good GK’ing that kept the ball out of the oppositions goal – that was until Peter Glading “pounced” putting Team C ahead.  Team 1 attempted to redress the deficit but were unable to penerate through to Team C’s D and so at the final whistle the score remained 1-0

Match 2, Team C v Team B, L 0-1

With the return of their GK and their “missing” player, Team C took the field against team B.  This was a more even match with both teams able to test each others GK.  The defence of Mark Cowell/Gavin Stones/Brian Murrill supported the Midfield quartet of Neil Flanagan/Norman Ballard/Chris Thornhill/Arthur Cresswell, who worked well together to provide chances to the Forward line of Peter Glading/Balbir Singh/Brian Woolcott.  However it was Team B that managed to get the only goal of the match when the ball was put throughto  Henrik Kjellin who, using his long reach, put the ball past GK Mo Umney and into the bottom corner of the goal with a well taken reverse sweep shot.

Match 3, Team C v Team A, W 2-1

Another even and fiercly contested match, which was delayed  by 10 mins whilst black storm clouds accompanied by some heavy rain moved away from over the pitch.  Team C went ahead with a well taken goal from Peter Glading.  Undeterred Team A fought back and managed to get the equaliser, the initial shot was stopped by GK Mo but then agonisingly rolled slowly over the goal line before any of the defence could react.  This spurred team C into a more determined mode and in the (atempted) act of putting Team C ahead, Peter Glading was fouled in the act of shhooting at goal and a Penelaty Corner was awarded.  Gavin Stones (using Captains perrogative) stepped forward to take the “flick” and despatched the ball into the bottom corner of the goal out of reach of Team A’s GK.  Team A again pressed hard but were unable to get the final equaliser before the final whistle.

A thoroughly enjoyable day, with many thanks to the Umpires, Adrian and Rosemary Stephenson for proving the pre-match Teas & Coffees and the after match buffet and not forgetting the event organiser Roger Lomas.