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Report for  Barcelona 2022 last Practice Match held at Bedford Hockey Club on June 2nd

The players who are representing LX Over 70s in Barcelona met for the last time for a practice match against a Masters Bedford Team. Trish Slater discussed with the team the importance of preparation both before and during the time in Barcelona. It was important due to the heat and humidity, to have the right mind set, physical readiness and to maintain hydration levels. It was pointed out the correct Travel and Medical Insurance along with the GHIC card are very important.

The game was played in 21° which was an eye opener to the fact that it was hot playing but still 10° lower than the expected temperature in Barcelona.

Both sides played open attacking hockey passing the ball well. Short, quick easy passes and only driving it through when there was a clear channel. Both sides created chances. LX stayed focused and kept the form and a break through came from the defence through the middle of the park to the forwards. Nick King received it on the right, turning inside his defence, to the by line and played it across to Peter Glading, who controlled it well and fired it through the keeper’s legs at close range

Bedford reacted to this by driving forward with speed up front, only for a well marshalled defence and expert keeping from Martin Ferret blocking their chance of scoring.

LX second goal came from another well worked routine that saw Richard Slater having his first shot saved and with keeper on the ground lifting the ball over the keeper to score.

After quarter time with fluids being taken on, LX had various chances but with no end result and missing the target. Bedford created a smart move and scored. LX was confronted with numerous attacks from Bedford but managed to defend well especially with Martin Ferret having the game of his life.

LX eventually found space from quick hit outs from the defence through open channels linking well, creating space in the D to commit the keeper and a square cross to Pami who slotted the ball home.

Final score 3-1

The game was played in the right spirit and was a competitive but honest game, in the Spirit of Masters.

Well done all and thank you Bedford for hosting such and enjoyable day, especially the BBQ meal.