With the current coverage and effectiveness of vaccinations, the Government is placing responsibility for the management of transmission of Covid back into the public domain. Decision making is key….just as in hockey! There is both optimism and pessimism around the changes in the law that underpin this decision. Concerns remain around transmission when larger groups of people gather indoors and in close proximity for any period of time. For us that may include travel to matches, informal post-match gatherings and more formal dinners.

LX wants all members to feel comfortable and safe in any LX supported environment.

For anyone organising LX activities, we need to be very respectful of members and those accompanying our members who do not wish to participate in larger gatherings and/or wish to continue with the current practices of masking, social distancing and non-hand shaking.

LX expects members to continue to take a responsible approach to reducing the spread of Coronovirus within the community.

It is a UK requirement that people monitor their own health carefully and take a PCR test if showing Covid symptoms. However, symptoms may not be obvious and as a precaution, LX encourages its members to take a Lateral Flow Test twice a week. Members might be doing this anyway as we are often mixing in different groups. Packs of tests are freely available from chemists and other outlets.

If you do test positive, and have recently been to any LX event, please advise that event Match Manager as soon as possible.

There will be a requirement for those testing positive to self-isolate and we will need to manage the knock on actions and impact in accordance on each circumstance.

Covid related Administration

Match Managers. The procedure of Match Managers (MM) completing a spreadsheet of participants remains in force and is required by the LX Covid Officer and Team Sec so that LX can discharge its duty to contact all players should there be a positive test from one or more of those players.

Players. Players no longer need to register with EH to play but must contact the MM if they rest positive for Covid.

England Hockey link is:

We trust this provides some sound guidance moving forward.

The Covid Team

26 July 2021