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LX: COVID Protocol from Jan 2022.

Although the vaccination programme has been highly successful, the risk of transmitting Covid is still a concern. Therefore, whilst there has been a relaxation in restrictions around participation in sport and at sporting venues, and we all want to ‘get back to normal’, LX asks its members to continue to exercise care. So, until further notice, we respectfully request that players and supporters take a Lateral Flow Test within 24 hours of a fixture or event, irrespective of displaying any Covid symptoms, and withdraw if positive. Similarly, if players experience symptoms after a fixture or event and test positive, please advise the Match Manager.  In this way we can do our bit to minimise the risk of transmission.


As wet and ‘wintery’ weather approaches, the need to share space indoors will inevitably increase! As anyone with grandchildren or working with school aged children will tell you, we are far from being in control of the Covid crisis. Add to this the confusions of Lateral Flow Test and PCR test results and it is clear that things are not normal or certain. Therefore, we should remain guarded in public situations and respectful of individual concerns. 

Our Sport Recommendations

Specifically, we strongly support England Hockey recommendations for continuing activity but we must:

• Maintain Attendance registers – LX match registers should be sent to the Match Sec.

• Plan Safe Hockey –as we approach winter, it is more important than ever to observe the policies and procedures we have in place as well as the safety of ourselves and others.

• Observe any venue protocols and safety measures.

• Adopt respectful practices;

     o Continue to ‘stick tap’ or ‘knuckles’ as an alternative to shaking hands

      o Be mindful of your distance and shouting to communicate, especially with officials!

• Be supportive and aware –not everyone will be responding to Covid in the same way and so do respect others’ application of guidance and feelings towards playing and support them in easing their anxiety or nervousness whilst at hockey.


Although the only real change since our last communication is around self-isolation rules, i.e. for people who are fully vaccinated or under 18 there is no longer a requirement to isolate when coming into ‘close contact’ with someone who tests positive. However, if you test positive or have covid symptoms, you must self-isolate. The Covid Case Flowchart (in LX Master docs) has been updated and includes other exemptions for not isolating when coming into ‘close contact’ with a positive case.


Long Covid has had an impact for several players and you do not want to be another statistic.

LX Covid Officer

Covid related Administration

Match Managers. The procedure of Match Managers (MM) completing a spreadsheet of participants remains in force and is required by the LX Covid Officer and Team Sec so that LX can discharge its duty to contact all players should there be a positive test from one or more of those players.

Players. Players no longer need to register with EH to play but must contact the MM if they rest positive for Covid.

England Hockey link is:

We trust this provides some sound guidance moving forward.

The Covid Team

26 July 2021