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20 October 2021Intra-club 70O70Intra club (6)Timperley
24 October 2021ClubAshfordAshford
28 October 2021ClubIntra Club day St Albans (7)St Albans
10 November 2021Intra-club 70Intra-club 70Bedford
28 November 2021ClubHavantHavant
12 December 2021ClubXmas gathering Worcester HC
Month DateLX TeamFixtureVenue
Jan 06/01/2022ClubGatfersDawlish
Jan09/01/2022 EH England squad session M35-75
Jan16/01/2022ClubIntra-ClubFelsted School, Braintree
Jan23/01/2022 EH England squad session M35-75
Feb10/02/2022ClubIntra-ClubTrojans HC, Southampton
Feb13/02/2022 EH : M60+ cup3 EH 60+ CUP 3
Feb20/02/2022 EH : England squad sessions o35 – o75
Feb27/02/2022o60, o65LX TRIALS – o60 & o65Nottingham
Feb28/02/2022o70, o75LX TRIALS – o70 & o75Nottingham
Mar06/03/2022 EH : M60+ cup4 EH 60+ CUP 4
Mar09/03/2022o70Intra-Club 70Bedford HC, Bedford
Mar13/03/2022Club EH : England squad sessions o35 – o75 Norfolk MastersNorwich City HC, Taverham
Mar18/03/2022ClubJacques Levy TournamentLille
Mar20/03/2022 EH : Masters Area Activity
Mar27/03/2022o60, o65 EH : Masters Area Activity squad matches vs ThistlesTBA
Mar30/03/2022o70, o75squad matches vs Scotland or Thistles ?TBA
Apr03/04/2022 EH : M60+ cup5 EH 60+ CUP 5
Apr06/04/2022ClubIntra-ClubClifton College
Apr08/04/2022o70, o75Ancients & AspirantsWrenn School, Wellingborough
Apr10/04/2022o60, o65 EH : Masters Area Activity squad matches vs WalesTBA
Apr13/04/2022o70, o75squad matches vs WalesTBA
Apr17/04/2022EASTER DAY / Celtic Cup?
Apr24/04/2022Club EH England squad session M35-75 Devon & CornwallBude, Cornwall
Apr27/04/2022o70Intra-Club 70Wakefield HC, W Yorks.
Apr30/04/2022EH 60+ FINALS
May01/05/2022ClubBury St EdmundsBury St Edmunds HC, Suffolk
May06/05/2022o68ISVT Tilburg TournamentTilburg, Netherlands
May06/05/2022o60ISVT Tilburg TournamentTilburg, Netherlands
May15/05/2022ClubKettering HCKettering HC
May19/05/2022o70PistonsSouthgate HC, London
May20/05/2022 22/05/2022
o60, o65, o70, o75 EH : Home Nations 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+ HOME NATIONS
May26/05/2022Eburons TournamentBrussels
May29/05/2022ClubIntra-ClubOld Sils
May31/05/2022o70Intra-Club 70St Albans HC, Herts.
Jun11/06/2022 12/06/2022 EH : 70+ Regional EH 60+ & 70+ REGIONALS
Jun17/06/2022Club EH England squad session M35-75 Lakes TourCockermouth
Jun25/06/2022 12/06/2022Club open to all LX members Wim van Noortwijk MemorialBarcelona
Jun25/06/2022 26/06/2022 EH : 65+ Regional EH 65+ REGIONALS
Jun29/06/2022 EH : 75+ Regional EH 75+ REGIONALS
Jul08/07/2022 10/07/2022Club EH England squad session M35-75 HoTeGoBowdon HC
Jul14/07/2022ClubSpencerSpencer HC
Jul16/07/2022 17/07/2022ClubLX FESTIVALLilleshall ???
Jul20/07/2022o70Intra-Club 70Clifton College, Bristol
Jul24/07/2022ClubIntra-ClubWakefield HC, W Yorks.
Jul31/07/2022o60ArtefactsSalisbury HC, Wilts.
Aug07/08/2022ClubIntra-ClubOxford Hawks HC
Aug12/08/2022 14/08/2022ClubThistles FestivalDundee ?
Aug21/08/2022ClubWindermere mini-tournamentLakes School, Windermere
Aug25/08/2022Club & o70PistonsSouthgate HC, London
Aug28/08/2022ClubIntra-ClubOld Loughtonians HC
Aug31/08/2022o70Intra-Club 70Oxford Hawks HC
Sep03/09/2022 04/09/2022Club EH England squad session M35-75 Jersey TourJersey HC
Sep04/09/2022ClubSpencerSpencer HC
Sep11/09/2022ClubLX AGMBasingstoke
Sep18/09/2022o60, o65squad matches vs ???TBA
Sep21/09/2022o70, o75squad matches vs WalesTBA
Sep25/09/2022o65, o70Ancient BritonsWorcester HC
Sep25/09/2022ClubRoyal NavyPortsmouth, Hants.
Sep27/09/2022ClubIntra-ClubSheffield, Abbeydale
Oct02/10/2022Club EH : England squad sessions M35-M75 CanterburyCanterbury HC, Kent
Oct05/10/2022o70, o75 EH : Masters Area Activity squad matches vs England ?TBA
Oct09/10/2022o60squad match vs EnglandRugby School
Oct09/10/2022o65squad match vs England ?Rugby School
Oct19/10/2022 o60WORLD CUPTokyo
Oct23/10/2022 o65WORLD CUPTokyo
Oct26/10/2022 o70WORLD CUPTokyo
Oct30/10/2022 o78WORLD CUPTokyo
Nov06/11/2022Club, o70GatfersExeter?
Nov13/11/2022Club EH : England squad sessions M35-M75 WarlocksLord Wandsworth College, Hants.
Nov16/11/2022o70Intra-Club 70Timperley HC, Manchester
Nov27/11/2022ClubAshfordAshford, Kent
Dec04/12/2022ClubHavantHavant HC, Hants
Dec11/12/2022ClubIntra-ClubSt Albans HC, Herts.