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28 April 2021Intra-club 70O70 Intra Club(2)WakefieldRoger Lomas
09 May 2021ClubPuritansNPL Teddington TW11 9BE 1500Gavin Stones
16 May 2021o65RKetteringKettering1130Dave Lees
20 May 2021o70PistonsSouthgate1730Brian Woolcott
26 May 2021o75Wales o75ReadingTBATBA
30 May 2021ClubGuildford TournamentGuildford HC0930:-1630TBA
06 June 2021o60Midlands o60KE School Birmingham12:00-15:00TBA
06 June 2021o65Mini tournament v wales & midlandsStourport HC12:00-15:00Robin Conway
09 June 2021o70Wales o70 A&BStourport HC1200-1500Roger Lomas
13 June 2021ClubNorfolk MastersNorwich HC Teverham13:00TBA
16 June 2021ClubIntra-ClubWakefield HC12:30: 14:30Chris Randall
19/6/21 – 20/6/21ClubLakes TourCockermouthMike Patton
24 June 2021o70PistonsSouthgate1730Brian Woolcott
26 June 2021o65/70Arthur Barber memorialWokingtba
27 June 2021ClubHandbags All DayGuildford0930 1630tba
9/7/21 – 11/7/21ClubHotegoBowdenMartin Ferrett
14 July 2021ClubIntra ClubOxford Hawks HC12:00 15:00TBA
15 July 2021ClubSpencerSpencerTochi Panesar
18 July 2021ClubDevon & CornwallBudeSimon Fry
21 July 2021Intra-club 70Over 70 Intra Club (3)St Albans1200Roger Lomas
30/7/21 – 1/8/2160s & clubDragons FestivalSwanseaLX selectors
7/8/21 – 8/8/21o60sTT at Dundee for 60’sDundeeLX selectors
7/8/21 – 8/8/21o65sTT at Dundee for 65’sDundeeLX selectors
7/8/21 – 8/8/21o70sTT at Dundee for 70’sDundeeLX selectors
12 August 2021o70sPistonsSouthgate1730Brian Woolcott
12 August 2021ClubPistonsSouthgate1930Graeme Welch
15 August 2021ClubLX vs Reivers vs Cumbria Lakes School10:30Jeff Jackson
18 August 2021Intra-club 70O70 Intra club (4)Clifton Coll1200Roger Lomas
20-22 August 2021o70s & o75sAncients & AspirantsWrenn SchoolDavid Holgate.
22 August 2021o60Ancient BritonsOltono60 captain
22 August 2021o65Ancient BritonsOltono65 captain
26/8/21 – 28/8/21ClubNorth East TourDurhamLX selectors
29 August 2021ClubAGM & Intra-club dayDurhamLX committee
01 September 202170sO70 Intra Club (5)OxfordRoger Lomas
05 September 2021ClubSpencerSpencerTochi Panesar
08 September 2021ClubIntra ClubStourport HC
12 September 2021ClubCanterburyCanterburyJohn Maylam
15 September 2021ClubIntra Club (6)O LoughtsMick O’Malley
19 September 2021ClubRoyal NavyPortsmouthGeoff Furneaux?
22 September 2021o70sWales o70sNewentJohn Grinham
24-26September 2021JerseyJerseySimon Fry
26 September 2021ClubWarlocksLord Wandsworth CollegeJohn Ingram-Marriott
03 October 2021o60sIsca MastersExetero60 captain
03 October 2021ClubGatfersExeterMike Harris
10 October 2021ClubKhalsaWarwickRobin Conley
14 October 2021ClubIntra ClubAbbeydale 12:30 14:30 TBA
17 October 2021ClubLX LadiesLilleshall ?Ray Jeff
20 October 2021Intra-club 70O70Intra club (6)TimperleyRoger Lomas
24 October 2021ClubAshfordAshfordKeith Hedley
28 October 2021ClubIntra Club day St Albans (7)St AlbansNigel Strofton
10 November 2021Intra-club 70Intra-club 70BedfordRoger Lomas
28 November 2021ClubHavantHavantNigel Guppy
12 December 2021ClubXmas gathering Worcester HCLX committee